Shipping To/From Asia

Shipping To/From Asia

Shipping from China to US
Shipping from Alaska to Asia
Shipping from US to Japan

Shipping from China to US

Shipping from China to the U.S. is easy and fast with 澳博体育app下载's two expedited services, China – Long Beach Express (CLX) and 澳博体育app下载 Asia Express (MAX). 澳博体育app下载's China shipping services have offered customers more than 18 years of uninterrupted service, industry-leading reliability and world-class customer service.

Learn more about shipping from China to the U.S. with 澳博体育app下载.

Shipping from Alaska to Asiabacktop

澳博体育app下载's Alaska – Asia Express (AAX) service offers the convenience of direct westbound service from Dutch Harbor, Alaska to Ningbo and Shanghai, China or transfer at our hub in Shanghai to other cities in Asia via 澳博体育app下载’s partner network.

Discover the advantages of shipping from Alaska to Asia with 澳博体育app下载.

Shipping to Japanbacktop

With weekly service to the Port of Naha, Okinawa as part of our expedited China-Long Beach Express (CLX) service, 澳博体育app下载 offers transit times from the U.S. West Coast up to four days faster than the competition.

Explore the benefits of shipping to Japan with 澳博体育app下载.